Hillary’s Universal Lesson

Hillary’s concession speech was probably the most important of her life.  It was the first time I ever felt she was being genuine.  I couldn’t imagine how she could speak so eloquently, cover so many points and follow a thread without any hint of prompter or notes, especially after probably being up most if not all night.  She was called out for not speaking earlier, but maybe she was so shell-shocked she just couldn’t do it.  When she finally spoke, I felt something I hadn’t felt for her before:  compassion.

Hillary’s dream of becoming the first woman president will not come true.  But rather than cursing the world for not delivering what she deserved, she found meaning in her journey and showed gratitude, tons of it.  With humility she asked everyone to give the winner a chance to lead.  Here’s someone who, as my son pointed out, has probably wanted to be president her whole life, realizing that it’s not going to happen.  What an enormous disappointment to endure.

I’ve never been a Hillary fan, but I wish her well and send her love and support.  And thank her for butting her head against that glass ceiling.  Please people, tell your crying teenagers not to despair.  The Universe knows what it’s doing.  Hillary has been given the gift of her soul’s lessons while paving the way for others to meet their destiny.  Best of all, she opened her heart and shared that message.  All is well.