Bring On the Collective Light

We have to stop killing each other, period.  In my deepest heart I know that you cannot stop violence with more violence.  Darkness fought with darkness only feeds itself.  Negative energy attracts more, intensifies itself.

I find myself thinking back to John Lennon and Yoko Ono and their sleep-in, Give Peace a Chance.  They held the secret but not enough of us were ready to listen.  Are we now??  Or will we continue fighting back, taking revenge and seeking justice to the point of annihilation?

Only light can extinguish the darkness. There’s this tv commercial for a horror film where a shadowy boogeyman lurks in the dark.  When the light is turned on, poof, it’s gone.  Turn the light off, it’s back again.  The message is, beware what lurks in the dark!  Scary!  But it also demonstrates the simple truth:  light eliminates darkness.  We are programmed to surrender to fear and react.  We have to learn instead to turn to the light.

It’s a simple truth, obvious even.  But as a people we seem to prefer more complicated explanations, rationalizations and justifications for our actions, which if we are honest, are reflections of our fear.  We get angry, want to “make them pay.”  We may belong to any one of the many religions, non-religions or philosophies that hold forgiveness at its core yet we cannot put love into action.  We have overlooked the power of our non-reaction, a different course of action

I don’t exactly know how to transform that into world peace, but I do know that if I open my heart to divine guidance, whether it’s from God, the Universe, the Collective Intelligence or whatever you want to call it, I always receive the guidance I need so long as I am focused on the greater good.  And I believe that every one of our conscious positive intentions can combine to creative a powerful force.

I’ve always loved that old Peter Sellers movie, Being There (1979).  In it he’s a guileless man who people mistakenly take for a sage, his simple statements interpreted as deeply meaningful.  He’s just repeating what he’s learned watching television, but in the end, he walks away on water.